Snippets of what I get up to when I'm not writing...

From time to time, I put some shoes on and go outside. Yes, honestly! Although most of my time is spent hunched over my laptop, writing down the adventures of my imaginary friends, I do occasionally mingle with real, live people. And when I do, I sometimes post about what I've been up to in my news pages.

So, if you want to know what I get up to when I'm not writing, read on...

20th February
launch party 5

This month sees the publication of my 25th book with Harlequin Mills & Boon, “The Marquess Tames His Bride”, so off I went to meet up with my writer friends (otherwise known as The Novelistas) for a little celebration.

launch party 1

I made up some little goody bags to give away, containing chocolate hearts and some little silver coasters (as 25th is usually known as a silver milestone) and bought a white chocolate covered cake from Marks and Spencers to share.

launch party 6 launch cake