Regency Silk and Scandal

"Silk and Scandal" is now being released in Sweden.

s and s norway

"Silk and Scandal" is now being released in Norway.

s and s norway

The series "Regency Silk and Scandal first appeared from June 2010 to January 2011. Six authors were involved in producing the eight volumes.

Full set of UK covers:

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Episode 1 "The Lord and The Wayward Lady"

by Louise Allen.

The closest milliner Nell Latham has come to high society is making fashionable bonnets for aldermen's wives. But when she delivers a message to the Earl of Narborough, she's soon swept up in a web of intrigue and scandal.

Marcus, the Earl's son and heir, tracks down the messenger who has caused so much trouble for his family. He doesn't expect to find the waif so attractive. Nell is a mystery - her manners and demeanour are not those of a servant girl. And as family secrets are revealed and danger draws closer, Marcus has to choose between honour and desire...

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The reviewer from "Rakehell" wrote:

"...Since this is a mini-series, Ms Allen had the job of introducing us to the characters for the seven books coming up. She did a fabulous job of giving you enough clues to figure out who is involved but not what their identities are or how they will fit in...I find myself excited to read the next in the series to see if my guesses about the mystery and characters are right.

Although there is a happy ending, the book in no way wraps up the story. I would say if you're going to start it be prepared to commit to the full series. I know that I am."

UK cover

Episode 2 "Paying the Virgin's Price"

by Christine Merrill.

"A gambler holds my honour like it was a cheap coin..."

Chaperone Diana Price knew she was teetering on the edge of ruin. Her father had staked his fortune, and her virginity, at the card table - and lost! To the most notorious gamester in town...

Nathan Wardale had money - plenty of it - but it was a long time since he'd been considered a gentleman. Still, he never intended to pursue this debt. Until he met Diana Price in the flesh and began to wonder just how long his honour would hold.

US cover

Gypsy curses, debts of honour, love and betrayal, we've got them all in Christine's continuation of the Silk and Scandal series. Nathan and Diana's love story is a joy to read, and Christine has sprinkled plenty of clues about the original crime throughout the text.

She also managed to get a fabulous 4 star review from Romantic Times:

The Silk and Scandal series is connected by one character seeking justice for a 20-year-old crime when his father was murdered and another hanged. But was it the right man? Merrill quickly draws readers into this dark tale of vengeance and redemption. The mystery carries the readers onward, as do the finely drawn characters.
Gambler Nate Dale has almost forgotten witnessing his father's hanging when he was 10 — until a stranger gives him a silk rope, reminding him of the curse placed on his family. If Nate finds evidence of his father's innocence he can remove the curse. First, he must inform the Carlows that the Gypsy is back.

Diana Price, the Carlow girls' companion, knows all about the curse and has sworn to protect the girls, but she cannot protect herself from Nate. She has no idea that he holds a marker that gives him the right to take her virtue. Nate never planned on acting on the debt, but he does fall in love with Diana. Truths are revealed, much of the past and present come to light and a love is forged that might break the curse.
Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

UK cover

Episode 3 "The Smuggler and the Society Bride"

by Julia Justiss.

"Had she fallen to the level of a common smuggler?

Lady Honoria Carlow, leading Diamond of the Ton, daughter of the Earl of Narborough, was in disgrace. Her spirited nature had led her too far this time. And she was - in reputation at least - ruined.

And it seemed, even on the storm-tossed coast of Cornwall, she was not free of temptation. Gabriel Hawksworth may be a gentleman by birth, but a smuggler was unlikely to rescue a Lady from scandal. Indeed Honoria began to suspect the dazzling blue eyes of the Irish sea captain were luring her right back to what she'd run from - trouble!"

US cover


Julia Justiss writes a beautiful, flowing story, which easily stands alone. But I can guarantee, after meeting Honoria, you will want to know what will happen to the rest of her family, and whether they will manage to thwart the man who is hell-bent on getting his revenge on all the Carlows.

Liviana, reviewer from "The Good the Bad and the Unread" gives this story an A-, saying,
"...Julia Justiss creates a wonderful sense of place and society...Gabe and Honoria are both empathetic characters. Their relationship is sweet and refreshing, though Justiss throws in some darker elements to keep 'The Smuggler and the Society Bride' from becoming too fluffy."

UK cover

Episode 4 "Claiming the Forbiden Bride"

by Gayle Wilson.

Nadya Argentari was not of his world. Nor he of hers. Together, they would be welcome in neither.

Soldier Rhys Morgan is back home in England and in the market for a bride. But he's battle-scarred and jaded from the Peninsula wars. The simpering debutantes on the Marriage Mart don't seem to be able to rouse his interest - let alone fire his blood...

Dark-haired, dark-eyed Romany beauty Nadya has a strength and a passion to match his own. If he took her as his mistress, no one would blink and eye. But if Major the Honourable Rhys Morgan were to marry would be the scandal of the year!

US cover


After the first three books in this series have explored the upper echelons of Regency Society, Gayle Wilson gives us a glimpse into the world of a people who are considered outsiders even by the poorest cottagers in the land - the Rom.

A real treat - a touching love story, spiced with action, adventure, and laced with treachery.

Reviewer from All About Romance says:

"I enjoyed the first three volumes a lot, and Claiming the Forbidden Bride proved a worthy successor, presenting quite a different angle on society and the main characters than the volumes gone before. If you plan to read the whole miniseries, I would suggest you start with an earlier volume, to avoid spoilers, but the descriptions of gypsy life make this volume interesting und unusual enough to stand alone."

UK cover

Episode 5 "The Viscount and the Virgin"

by Annie Burrows.

"I am not at all the kind of girl a future earl ought to marry."

Imogen Hebden knew she was no Diamond of the Ton. A clumsy, gangling spinster more like! This last-chance season was sure to be a disaster. What sort of suitor could she - at four and twenty with no town bronze - hope to catch?

And then she had her proposal! Viscount Mildenhall, son of the Earl of Corfe, the most eligible, most arrogan rake in London, claimed to find her guileless ways irresistible. But inexperienced as she was, Imogen could tell he was in an indecent hurry - particularly when it came to producing an heir...

US cover

us5 Cataromance said:
"Annie Burrows skillfully intertwines sizzling passion, delightful humour, heart-stopping adventure and tender pathos in The Viscount and The Virgin, the fifth title in Harlequin Historicals’ outstanding continuity: Regency Silk and Scandal...

In The Viscount and The Virgin, Annie Burrows has penned a hugely enjoyable and enchanting historical romance that is sure to please and beguile! Fast-paced, dramatic and guaranteed to keep readers riveted from start to finish, in The Viscount and the Virgin, Annie Burrows has created an absolutely charming and engaging heroine whose sincerity, generosity of spirit and propensity for getting into trouble shall charm readers everywhere; whilst Viscount Mildenhall is an honorable and charismatic man who makes for a splendid hero!"

The Romantic Times said:
…"The Silk & Scandal series gathers a coterie of authors who create a continuum in which each adds another piece to solve a 17-year-old mystery. Burrows deftly adds new and significant pieces as the series' main character is an integral part of this sweet romance."

Reviewer from All About Romance says:
"I enjoyed the first three volumes a lot, and Claiming the Forbidden Bride proved a worthy successor, presenting quite a different angle on society and the main characters than the volumes gone before. If you plan to read the whole miniseries, I would suggest you start with an earlier volume, to avoid spoilers, but the descriptions of gypsy life make this volume interesting und unusual enough to stand alone."

UK cover

Episode 6 "Unlacing the Innocent Miss"

by Margaret McPhee.

"You're a thief, Miss Meadowfield. And nothing you do will change that."

This so-called dowager's companion was no as innocent as she pretended! Hardened thief-taker Wolf Wolversley had met her type before. If she had nothing to hide, then why had she run?

Rosalind Meadowfield had run when she'd learned the accusations. But not far enough. On a wild, wind-swept Scottish moor, Wolf caught up with her. A scarred, bitter man - but Rosalind was unafraid. She saw no cruelty in his eyes, only passion!

US cover


Romantic Times reviewer Kathe Lette awarded Margaret's story 4 stars, rating it hot:

"McPhee adds a sexually charged adventure story to the Silk and Scandal continuum that is not only compelling, but poignant...the likeable characters provide plenty of solid entertainment and will have fans of the series eagerly awaiting next month's installment."

UK cover

Episode 7 "The Officer and the Proper Lady"

by Louise Allen.

"I am precisely the kind of man your mama would warn you about..."

Lieutenant Hal Carlow was a fine soldier, but he was also a flirt, a rake and a scoundrel! In general, he tried to steer clearl of proper young ladies - no fun at all - and spend time with the sort of women who appreciated his finer qualities.

Julia Tresilian's duty was to find a husband, but her prospective suitors bored her to tears! Yet even talking to the incorrigible Hal Carlow was dangerous to marriage prospects, let alone anything more...

US cover

Romantic Times gave Louise's story a 4star review:

"The Silk and Scandal series has led readers through a labyrinth of events stemming from a 17-year-old mystery. Allen sends readers down a new path, adding twists and surprising turns while delivering a strong and moving romance set against the battle of Waterloo. Fans of the series and military romance will find something to satisfy their cravings."

And the review at Cataromance says:

"Julia is a resourceful, strong and intrepid heroine who will steal readers’ hearts whereas rakish scoundrel Hal is guaranteed to make women everywhere swoon!

Louise Allen’s attention to detail is extraordinary and, as always, this talented storyteller brings the past to vivid and glorious life. Battles, customs and traditions are described in colorful detail, thus making the reader feel as if they are part of the story as opposed to just reading it.

The seventh stand-alone title in the Regency Silk and Scandal continuity, The Officer and the Proper Lady, is a breathtaking and evocative romantic adventure from the talented pen of Louise Allen, a writer who rivals Georgette Heyer with her gift for creating unforgettable romances set against a highly rendered and richly drawn historical background."

UK cover

Episode 8 "Taken by the Wicked Rake"

by Christine Merrill.

"I hate you, Stephano Beshaley. As much as you hate my family..."

Lady Verity Carlow is poised, beautiful, charming, virginal. Her family's precious jewel. She knows she will marry whatever titled bore is chosen for her. But sometimes, in the dark of the night, she wishes she wasn't always so well-behaved...

Then she is snatched! Kidnapped by her family's enemy, gypsy lord Stephano Beshaley. And when this dark, dangerous, unsuitable man takes Verity in his arms, he tempts her to do wicked, wicked things. And, shockingly, she does not want to be rescued - not one little bit!

US cover

Romantic Times has given Christine's story a 4* review:

"This is the book everyone who has followed the Silk and Scandals series has been waiting for, the surprising conclusion to the mystery: the Gypsy's story. Merrill incorporates the concepts of her fellow authors into the maze that has been set up and then takes readers further with a fast-paced, powerfully emotional story of redemption that touches the soul and heals the heart."

And says:

"I know, if you have been following the series like I have, that you will be racing to the shelves for this one...I highly recommend going back and starting at the beginning, but if you must read just one book in the series,Taken by the Wicked Rake is definitely the best."


If you have read the whole series and would like to read a short story set during the early years of Stephano Beshaley's life, which includes cameo appearances from other characters from the series, please look out for"Taming Her Gypsy Lover" by Christine Merrill in the eharlequin ebook store, in the Historical Undone section

(I promise you, she does not tame him at all)

And to whet your appetite, we also wrote a prequel, which appeared on the eharlequin website as a free read. Each chapter was written by a different author involved in producing books for the series.

It is called:

Seduced by a Dark Stranger

"To Miss Felicity Morville, in London visiting her friend Lady Honoria Carlow, nothing could be more delicious than a rendezvous with a handsome stranger—sans chaperon! But when Honoria’s brother Hal realizes what Felicity’s been up to, he enlists the help of his friend and fellow Dragoons officer Benedict Ranworth to distract the young lady from the rogue by wooing her himself! Ben reluctantly agrees in the name of protecting Felicity’s virtue and reputation, but he doesn’t expect to enjoy his duties half so much. And soon, he finds himself more interested in seducing Felicity than in saving her!"

Click here for Chapter 1